Press Release - For immediate use March 15, 2013


NEC BIGLOBE Ltd. and Intergrow Inc. announces Ninja Justice for iOS platforms


Dispense ninja justice on zombie hordes!

JAPAN - March 15, 2013 -NEC BIGLOBE Ltd. and Intergrow Inc. publishers of game contents for the worldwide market, today announce the immediate release on iOS platforms of Ninja Justice.
If you have ever wanted to take the role of a ninja who fights zombies in the name of justice then this is the game for you!
Ninja Justice is a third person action title where the player traverses zombie invested dungeons and unleashes their own unique form of justice against evil.
The player takes the role of Judge Charles Raymond who is judge by day but fearless ninja by night!
Using this secret identity he attempts to find true justice in this twisted world by confronting those who caused the mysterious death of his friend, an act which threatens to shake the whole nation.

Armed to the teeth with ninja shuriken, blades and his special magical attacks he will slice through any creature that stands in his way.

This lone assassin stands in opposition to a nation!

The title features:

  • Waves of Zombies - More zombies than you can throw a shuriken at!
  • Combine materials - By collecting materials from defeated enemies and treasure chests along the way, you can power up your weapons and your own abilities.
  • Multiple attack possibilities - Your main weapons are your "shuriken" and your "katana" though by using NP (Ninja Points), you can use powerful special attacks.
  • Randomly generated dungeons - To keep the experience fresh dungeons will be randomly generated so no two playthroughs are the same!
  • Ninjas & Zombies - Satisfy your zombie craving with this easy to pick up and play title.

Price: 2.99 USD
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