Press Release - For immediate use February 1, 2011



Tokyo, February 1, 2011 - NEC BIGLOBE, Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hisao Iizuka; BIGLOBE) announced today the USA launch of "andronavi" ( ), an Android apps and content download service that also features reviews of COOL JAPAN Android apps and content, including many based on uniquely Japanese themes.

andronavi offers convenient tools, games, manga (Japanese comics) and photo collections. Applications include "SAMURAI-Ryoma Sakamoto," an exclusive app which allows users to change their home screen to a samurai theme, "Missing 2," a realistic break-out game that is popular in Japan and "SUGOI BOOKS", an e-book app that allows users to buy popular Japanese manga. Furthermore, photo collection apps provide access to images of famous Japan sights, such as Mt. Fuji and Kyoto.

In the coming months, BIGLOBE will aggressively expand the range of andronavi's apps and content services, targeting the key concept of COOL JAPAN, including "APPLESEED," a manga publication that is also popular in the USA, and "Annie's Wild Shot," a gun-shooting app set in the Old West. BIGLOBE plans to expand the number of apps and content to 60,000 by the end of FY2012.

An overview of the download service is as follows.



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