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Push-ups Dojo

Push-ups Dojo


Tokyo, September 21, 2010 -NEC BIGLOBE, Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hisao Iizuka; BIGLOBE) announced today a website that features reviews of COOL JAPAN apps for Android, including apps based on uniquely Japanese themes such as karate and the otaku craze. The site is called andronavi, which is one of the largest Android apps marketplaces in Japan (see note 1), and its English version ( ) has now become available .

The English version of andronavi introduces reviews of apps that highlight Japanese culture and apps that have caught the world's attention. With twenty reviews added today, the total number of reviews has amounted to sixty, with one or two new reviews that will be added daily. In addition, sales of mangas and game apps for the US will begin in December, expanding the site to a marketplace of Android apps for users in the US.

The following is an overview of the andronavi English site.

  1. Providing Information on Japanese Apps
    Reviews are presented with app images and videos and describe apps with focus on Japanese culture, such as Push-Ups Dojo, a workout app with a karate martial arts motif, and mezamashi-kanojo, an app that wakes you up with an image of a different beautiful young lady every day. In addition, each app has a Facebook elike' button, enabling you to share your opinion of apps and the reviews with friends as well. In December 2010, the site will start to offer a download service for users in the US as well. A total of 200 titles under the concept of COOL JAPAN, which includes mangas and game apps popular in Japan, will be available for download.

  2. Easy to Use and Very Convenient
    Dedicated Android viewer app (see note 2) is provided so that users can enjoy intuitive operation when reading reviews and using search functionality. The top screen provides information on recommended apps, and the menu will enable users to refine search, allowing users to choose by category and rankings. A PC site is also made available, taking full advantage of a larger screen to display more information and allowing users to search with ease.

Now the smartphone market continues to grow worldwide, and in the US, the Android is catching up with iPhone. Growth of the Android market share is highly anticipated. With andronavi, we expect that the Android market will continue to expand rapidly. BIGLOBE will keep a close eye on the Android market and will continue to be actively involved in Android related activities in the future.



andronavi Japanese-language site:
Launched in January of 2010, the site offers information on apps for the Japan market and also offers download services. By the end of September, some 650 apps will be offered on the site, with a total of 150, 000 projected to be available by the end of fiscal 2012.

Downloads are possible from Android Market.
Operations require an Android phone running Android OS 1.6 or above.
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